Our fee is very simple & transparent:

Commission on items we sell is a flat 35% of the "hammer price" to the seller. We charge the buyer a 10% buyer's preimum. Both of these fees are at or below the rates around the country. But look what you get for 35%!   We cover picking up the items, storage, advertisement and even credit card acceptance fees.  We cover transportation to and from our secure storage / processing facility and all costs associated with the sale.  There are no other fees at all unless our seller requests something out of the ordinary such as reserves on items, insurance, additional advertisement, etc. would be clearly spelled out on the contract to our seller's satisfaction. Your check is available within 5 business days and includes actual clerk tickets from each item auctioned for you showing the hammer price, description and buyer's number. From the time you read this until we hand you a check, we will be working to earn your trust. It's our company value statement

~ We work for you ~


What We Offer Sellers

Our Fees: Right Up Front

G and J  Auctions, llc

​Green Valley's Original  Live Auction House !!!

  If you have an estate or consignments you would like to have sold- we have made it very simple. We call it  "One Call".

While we offer options to custom fit individual needs, "One Call" will get us to your estate to survey the property. We will  present you with a written contract that features no surprises. Ever. We return by appointment to mark and tag the agreed upon items for inventory. Our last appointment is moving day.  When we arrive to move your items, you can rest assured that every item will be treated as the only item. Your items are photographed,  cataloged, transported with care and secured in our well protected climate controlled storage / processing facilities.  We recognize the fact that as your auctioneer-  we accept a fiduciary responsibility to you. Your trust will be earned. The check for your sale will be available 5 days from auction with all item receipts.          ~ We work for you ~